Standing Committees 2016-2017

Article 6 Section 6.1 – 6.4 STANDING COMMITTEES. The Chamber shall provide for the following standing committees of the Board (The “Standing Committees”) which, unless otherwise provided herein, shall comprise Members of the Board or Members of the Chamber in good standing. The Chair shall be an ex-officio Member of all committees:
(Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Membership Committee, Program of Work Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Facilities Committee, Events Committee and the By-Laws

Finance Committee
- Kerrie Lanoie, Joe Bell, Scott Libman, Jim Halley, Emile Martineau & Kevin Anderson
The Chair shall appoint a Finance Committee, whose chairperson shall be the Treasurer, composed of Members of the Board whose duty shall be to study the financial condition of the Chamber and its requirements for the next fiscal year. It shall, at the February meeting of the Board, submit the proposed budget of the Chamber for the next fiscal year for consideration, recommending such expenditures as the committee deems necessary to carry out the program of work. As and when approved by the Board, the proposed budget shall become the budget of the Chamber. The Finance Committee shall review the financial limitations of the budget and shall from time to time recommend to the Board adjustments to the budget as the committee deems necessary and advisable. The Finance Committee shall require an audit of the financial books and records of the Chamber at least once per fiscal year.

Executive Committee; The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:
a) Address policy issues
b) Make recommendations to the Board
c) Create the agenda
d) Create and amend the job description for the Executive Director with the advice and consent of the Board.
e) Evaluate the Executive Director.
f) Take action on all emergency items( requires a special meeting called by the Chair).

Nominating Committee-Kerrie Lanoie & Betsy Alexander
The Chair shall appoint a Nominating Committee whose chairperson shall be the Past Chair, whose duties shall be to nominate directors in accordance with Article V hereof.

*Membership Committee- & board liaisons
The Chair shall appoint a Membership Committee whose Chairperson will be the Executive Director to be composed of the Executive Director, Board Members, and such members of the Chamber in good standing (“Ambassadors”), as may be designated by the Executive Director. The ambassadors shall be confirmed by the Board for a term of no longer than twelve (12) months, with up to four (4) successive terms. This Committee shall develop, review and implement plans to retain current membership and recruit new members for the Chamber.

*Program of Work- (Programs, Seminars, Luncheons) Scott Libman, Kerrie Lanoie
The Chair shall appoint a Program of Work Committee and its chair. This committee will be responsible for determining whether current program activities are designed to achieve business and community needs throughout the service area of the Chamber; whether new programs should be undertaken as the Chamber; and whether existing program goals are being satisfactorily accomplished in order that the basic objectives of the Chamber are achieved.

*Lobbying Liaisons - Jim Halley & Rick Laviolette
The Chair shall appoint members who wish to represent the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce on the “Chamber of Commerce Coalition” or other committees representing legislative issues. Members of the committee shall serve for one year. The Executive Director of the Chamber shall serve on this committee.

*Facilities - Katherine Trapani
The facilities committee will meet quarterly to identify maintenance needs, and to create an action plan to remedy the identified needs.

*Events Committee- Kerrie Lanoie, Betsy Alexander, Jessica Northup, Jordan Becker, Stacy Childers & Reggie Wilcox & Steve Briggs
The events committee will review all Chamber sponsored events to assess effectiveness, their worth to the Chamber and their viability going forward. Once an events agenda has been decided, chairs for each event will be decided upon and events committees will be developed.
• Events to date consist of- Annual Meeting and Awards,  Golf Tournament, Tree Lighting, Breakfast with Santa, Fast Ferry Multi-Chamber Event, BAH

By-Laws Committee/ Policy Committee
-  Katherine Trapani, Jim Halley, Scott Libman & Joe Bell
The By-Laws committee will meet and develop proposed amendments to the By-Laws as requested in accordance with ARTICLE XIX. During the years that the by laws do not need amending this committee will research and create policy for the Chamber of Commerce as directed by the Board of Directors.

*Designates a joint committee of Board members and Chamber members.

“The Board may from time to time authorize the formation of such additional Standing Committees as it deems necessary to accomplish the purposes for which the Chamber has been formed and shall define the respective duties of such Standing Committees.

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